Friday, July 05, 2013

Beast Mode

Another week is over and what a great training week it has been!  What I really havent spoke too much about is my extent of injury.  I have mentioned them but havent told you just how bad they have been.  When I say painful its really putting it lightly but I hate to really talk about it because there is a point where you would be like "ok shut up" lol..  But I am speaking about it because this week has been the first in about 1 year that I really have not had injury pain. What did I do?  I cant tell you because I dont know. lol..  Just stayed on track, went through the pain and here we are at a much better place.  For me injury is like putting a nail in the coffin since my training is my everything.  I cant tell you how happy I am that this week happened.  I was able to unleash FULL beast mode in the gym and I feel that "I cant move " feeling and man I love it.  If you are dealing with injury you must be smart, get treated if you can and try to take one day at a time.  I had stopped treatment due to I felt it just didnt work anymore.  I am hoping for another solid week next week but for now just thankful this week happened. :)  Remember I am not an average training FBB, I pack weights on and never sacrafice reps and the years of doing this have, yes, kinda caught up to me. :)  For now I will embrace the present and continue to love my training.  Loving it is alot easier when you feel solid and strong.  Putting 315 on your back for squat and not really knowing if you will get back up is not a good thing.  Tonight I just knew I could and took full advantage of every exercise and rep... BLESSED :)



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