Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Find your spirit

Had such a great talk with one of my dear friends yesterday.  Talked about life, ups and downs and the power of finding your spirit.  Did you ever notice its the "low" points in our life that when we make it through we are a better, stronger person that is more connected with our spirit.  Funny how that works isnt it?  The points when we feel so powerless makes us so powerful when it passes.  When I think back it was at my low points that I developed my strength from not my high points. Do you know what I mean? :)  Interesting really and kind of makes you think that through those low points in life that are bound to come at some point we need to be super connected with our spirit and strength because when it passes it will just build them even stronger.  :)  Just wanted to share that with you...

Hope you have a Happy Hump day! I will be on HERBICEPSCAM tomorrow if you can stop by!

Nuriye :)


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