Thursday, August 29, 2013


I have lived in many parts of Florida but the reason I moved to the Miami area was for the city vibe and really the hot people lol..  I walked into my gym tonight and they had a DJ spinning some crazy good music soooo loud and it was just a huge gym party!  It was cool to watch how music motivates people and even I didnt want my second cardio session to end, yes it was that good. :) There is something about the south-east area of south florida that just has that get up and go attitude that I love.  So my workout was extra intense  thank you mr dj. :)  The weekend is almost here LABOR DAY already what the heck!  Is it me or as I get older the faster time goes lol..  Anyway if you are off for the weekend please have a happy, restful, playful weekend! :)



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