Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hammer Dropped

Hey friends!  Well, the hammer dropped at the 10 week out mark and its ON! Crazy diet, long hours in gym and sleep is well.... HARD.  I hate sounding like an ass but the thing that really keeps you going is looking in that mirror and seeing those yummy changes by the day.  Waking up harder and muscle full of veins makes me say "oh yes this I like". :)  Is it hard FUCK YES but over time you get used to it and what you see in that mirror and how it will show up on stage makes it so worth it.  Now I am starting my list of what I want to eat post show lol but until then it will just be a Your mind set becomes your strength and the power it can provide you fuels you more than any food can.  Yesterday I tossed around some real weight for back after... I DIED. :)

180 pull downs for 15 reps
315 single arm rows for 15 on hammer machine
180 rows for 15 reps
followed but several detail movements and lots on angles to bring out detail!  Not to shabby for being on the amount of carbs in a day that many get more of in their first meal.. :)  All the above movements were done my final set and I did 6 sets of each movement for the "power" movements. 

Nuriye :)


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