Nuriye's Diary

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Ok guys I have a very serious topic to talk about with you..  BUGS LOL, LOL..  Summer is upon us and I think the bugs put out a newsletter to come and fuck with me.  Bugs in Florida are different they are big and freaky.  A palmetto bug (omg look them up) thinks the light by my front door is a good place to be.  Now they look like huge roaches and are about 2 inches long which in my book is about 10 feet long.  The other night I was walking out my door only to have it fly down (yes they fly) and made me almost break every bone trying to escape it from touching me.  Now tonight, there was a grass hopper at my door making me stand outside for a long time until I could make a mad dash inside before it got me!!  So I went to talk to this massive bull frog that lives in my yard thinking I could pay him off to make them "disappear" but come to find out they paid him more than I could to stay alive WTF!  True story lol..  So now I am going to have a summer of fear every time I go out my door.  I do have raid but I just cant do it.  So instead I will just tell you about my bug troubles because I have a feeling they have just begun!  Damn you FLORIDA!! :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

6 weeks

Face getting smaller but veins getting BIGGER!! :)  A lot complain about the "diet face" but I love it lol it shows you are doing what you have to to be your best.  Every aspect of bodybuilding is beauty in my eyes.  I think all women who "dare" to wear muscle are beautiful!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Love my new hair color.  As I get older, wiser and naughtier I was finding blonde just didn't fit.  I was also sick of killing my hair with bleach lol.. 
Nuriye :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

7 weeks

Back shot coming in pretty nice! :)  Keeping those wings but not done yet!
Nuriye :)

Friday, May 20, 2016


Dr Muscle is back this update and I have specific Dr orders for YOU! :)  Enjoy your weekend and if you are able come by HERBICEPSCAM I will be there all big, hard and veiny! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nothing Beats....

Nothing beats strong glutes and powerful legs!  Mmmmmm all the damage and pleasure they can cause! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016


The look when your brain tells your body.... LOW CARBS FOR YOU! :)  It would be so much easier if the body lost bodyfat at the same pace for every part but of course that is not the case.  Arms and legs getting very lean and vasuclar but abs and ass need that extra bit of suffering to get it done. :)  I have found carb cycling to work best for getting all my areas in nice and lean.  Low days are awful and some workouts may feel weak BUT as I have said before you must push the body.  Your brain MUST become your strongest muscle to push the body to limits that just dont feel so swell.  I love all aspects of prep its the coolest thing every to watch your body transform but in order to get it you must take yourself out of a comfort zone.  I have found competing not only to be good for the results I see with my body but the metal strength and focus it gives me.  8 weeks out!! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

8 weeks

So this week I am 8 weeks out that is 2 months! :)  I am feeling a bit brain dead lol and sometimes I say why in the hell does anyone want to do this lol..  But then I know why, for the love of bodybuilding, for the love of you, my fans and for the drive to be one of the best.  This prep is a HUGE test of my will and belief because I am doing it all on my own.  Somedays I say oh boy I cant do this but I just keep going not allowing the "noise" to block my vision.  I want to test my soul, test my belief and just DO IT!  I have learned so much of what to do from past coaches and so much of want didnt work as well.  I do know my body and I will keep pushing even when my little brain says I CANT :)..  With 8 weeks to go the cardio has doubled and I am putting my heart and soul into every workout.  Strength is good and every workout is a battle to be better.  So if you are doubting yourself and your ability to do something please STOP!  I have been telling myself to do my own prep for 3 years now and I just got the balls to do it and its going pretty good! :) Now having said all that I am typing this in a full hanes jogging suit LOL LOL I look like a 10 year old but cardio round 2 starts now and no.. it aint pretty!! :)


Thursday, May 05, 2016

9 weeks

Couple shots at 9 weeks out.  Listen I am not coming into this show season talking about I just want to be my best.  No, I am coming to fucking win, to steamroll every person that stands on stage with me.  Everyone always says "i dont care what I place I just want to be my best and have fun".  Arent you sick of hearing that!?  Prep is fucking hard and I can think of alot of other ways to have fun lol..  Now at 9 weeks out I am turning it up and every cardio session and every rep in the gym is to BEAT anyone who is on stage with me its just that simple.  After viewing my 2013 pics in all honesty I am fucking PISSED OFF that I paid a "coach" to look like a pile of shit and yes I said it I LOOKED LIKE SHIT!  That doesnt settle well with me or my wallet and it was not how I ever want to represent the industry I love.  So I am on a mission and I wont stop when I am tired, I stop when its DONE! :)