Thursday, May 05, 2016

9 weeks

Couple shots at 9 weeks out.  Listen I am not coming into this show season talking about I just want to be my best.  No, I am coming to fucking win, to steamroll every person that stands on stage with me.  Everyone always says "i dont care what I place I just want to be my best and have fun".  Arent you sick of hearing that!?  Prep is fucking hard and I can think of alot of other ways to have fun lol..  Now at 9 weeks out I am turning it up and every cardio session and every rep in the gym is to BEAT anyone who is on stage with me its just that simple.  After viewing my 2013 pics in all honesty I am fucking PISSED OFF that I paid a "coach" to look like a pile of shit and yes I said it I LOOKED LIKE SHIT!  That doesnt settle well with me or my wallet and it was not how I ever want to represent the industry I love.  So I am on a mission and I wont stop when I am tired, I stop when its DONE! :) 


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