Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Never easy

Whether you are looking to lose 20 lbs or a bodybuilder who is looking to get on stage, changing the body is never easy.  Bodybuilders have the same struggles as a "normal" person and that is so often overlooked.  There are days when I say.....
1. fuck this
2. this isnt working
3. arent i shredded yet
4. i should not have eaten that
5. how much fucking cardio
6. i think i may suck lol
7. why am i doing this

Trust me these are just a few that we ALL go through whether you are a bodybuilder or a stay at home mom.  The trick is to stay patient and love yourself in all conditions.  YOU CAN AND YOU WILL DO IT, JUST BELIEVE!! :)

Have a strong week friends!


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