Thursday, March 17, 2016


Just one update this week but keep the tissues close because next week we are back to normal!! :)  Do you want to know why??  Well to be totally honest I am feeling a bit under the weather and to be honest I think my body is just saying FUCK OFF with this contest prep LOL..  I will just stay the course but I did take about 3 naps today! :)  Like anything the body has to get used to increased torture but I do know in no time it will but first it has to whine like a little bitch lol..  So dont call me every name in the book lol updates back to normal next week etc.  Here is a pic of me 4 weeks out from my 2nd place "win" at North Americans. It was an honor to place 2nd to Tammy Jones who took home her procard that day was so proud of her!
nuriye :)


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