Sunday, May 15, 2016


The look when your brain tells your body.... LOW CARBS FOR YOU! :)  It would be so much easier if the body lost bodyfat at the same pace for every part but of course that is not the case.  Arms and legs getting very lean and vasuclar but abs and ass need that extra bit of suffering to get it done. :)  I have found carb cycling to work best for getting all my areas in nice and lean.  Low days are awful and some workouts may feel weak BUT as I have said before you must push the body.  Your brain MUST become your strongest muscle to push the body to limits that just dont feel so swell.  I love all aspects of prep its the coolest thing every to watch your body transform but in order to get it you must take yourself out of a comfort zone.  I have found competing not only to be good for the results I see with my body but the metal strength and focus it gives me.  8 weeks out!! :)


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