Wednesday, May 11, 2016

8 weeks

So this week I am 8 weeks out that is 2 months! :)  I am feeling a bit brain dead lol and sometimes I say why in the hell does anyone want to do this lol..  But then I know why, for the love of bodybuilding, for the love of you, my fans and for the drive to be one of the best.  This prep is a HUGE test of my will and belief because I am doing it all on my own.  Somedays I say oh boy I cant do this but I just keep going not allowing the "noise" to block my vision.  I want to test my soul, test my belief and just DO IT!  I have learned so much of what to do from past coaches and so much of want didnt work as well.  I do know my body and I will keep pushing even when my little brain says I CANT :)..  With 8 weeks to go the cardio has doubled and I am putting my heart and soul into every workout.  Strength is good and every workout is a battle to be better.  So if you are doubting yourself and your ability to do something please STOP!  I have been telling myself to do my own prep for 3 years now and I just got the balls to do it and its going pretty good! :) Now having said all that I am typing this in a full hanes jogging suit LOL LOL I look like a 10 year old but cardio round 2 starts now and no.. it aint pretty!! :)



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