Saturday, May 28, 2016


Ok guys I have a very serious topic to talk about with you..  BUGS LOL, LOL..  Summer is upon us and I think the bugs put out a newsletter to come and fuck with me.  Bugs in Florida are different they are big and freaky.  A palmetto bug (omg look them up) thinks the light by my front door is a good place to be.  Now they look like huge roaches and are about 2 inches long which in my book is about 10 feet long.  The other night I was walking out my door only to have it fly down (yes they fly) and made me almost break every bone trying to escape it from touching me.  Now tonight, there was a grass hopper at my door making me stand outside for a long time until I could make a mad dash inside before it got me!!  So I went to talk to this massive bull frog that lives in my yard thinking I could pay him off to make them "disappear" but come to find out they paid him more than I could to stay alive WTF!  True story lol..  So now I am going to have a summer of fear every time I go out my door.  I do have raid but I just cant do it.  So instead I will just tell you about my bug troubles because I have a feeling they have just begun!  Damn you FLORIDA!! :)


Blogger awr4377 said...

A woman fully capable of killing an average man in a fist fight scared of a little bug and rather harmless ones at that.... Lmfao!!! ... ;-) sorry I just had to. Lol

11:39 AM  
Blogger Alberto said...

The warmth of traditional light bulbs attract insects. Home depot, lowes, walmart have bug lights. They're yellow and do not attract bugs. Try those.

2:48 PM  

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