Nuriye's Diary

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I would like to give a personal "Your Welcome" to the girls I stepped on stage with at Nationals for being OFF! :) LOL..  Will it happen again FUUUCCKKK NOOOOO!  Am I a good bodybuilder.... yes! Am I good at competing...... NO!  So what you gonna do to fix it??  Hire one of the best IFBB Pro Male Bodybuilders in the world to help me be my best!! :)  See I have put on a ton of muscle since being on stage in 2013 and I just did not know what the hell to do with it. :) I just don't have much competing experience but he does and we are off in off season mode and then prep mode for Summer 2017.  Peeled to the bone is what I will be and I want to give a personal "SORRY" to whoever steps on stage with me.  Its gonna be big, ripped and just nasty the way we like it.  Until then its grow time and working on what I need to improve. :)  I am beyond pumped, good bye past hello bright future!  WE AINT DONE YET!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Here I am sitting over 200 on an all sugar diet LOL LOL..  Always looking to make improvements and continue to keep it moving forward.  No looking back at what if or why!  Digging into this off season and will make it a good one! :)  HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all and thank you for the love I am sending it right back!!! :)

Monday, November 21, 2016


More stage pics for you! :) 

Sunday, November 20, 2016


I really hate sounding like a negative person so lets end this weekend on a positive!  Now after all my ranting about my show please know one thing..... I WAS NOT PERFECT!  I still have a lot of work to do no matter what weight I compete at and finding that perfect balance to show all this muscle.  My body is rejecting the pulling water/ diuretic phase so something I need to address my face looks swollen and body still holding water on stage but after I eat etc body rids all water after the show day.  Its a lot of trial and error until you find what works so its just something I need to work on to continue this journey. :)  Looking forward to the future and killing it in the gym each and everyday!  Have an awesome week!!


Still shot from Tues update! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Ok, gonna keep this short and sweet.  Weighed in at 191 and did not win or even close by the looks of it, 5th place at best. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016


I don't know about you but I can smell some major gains coming in about 7 days and I have 20 in arms on my mind! :)  Stay tuned, sit tight and get ready for the true muscle freak to GROW!


Friday, November 11, 2016

1 Week

Here we are one week away from my biggest show of this year, for my pro card.  Bodybuilding is just so hard in so many ways and its really why I love it so much.  I looked in the mirror about 2 weeks ago and what I saw is what I am used to seeing at the 3 week mark and it was at that moment I made a decision.  If I want to win, if I want that card I must push harder than I have ever, suffer like I have never and drive myself to earn that win.  That is what I am doing!  This sport I love makes you dig deep and learn about yourself things you may have never known.  When you are alone in the gym running on empty on that stairmill for 1 hour you think about what you are made of and where you want to go, the vision becomes very clear.  This one memory has been playing through my head and I want to share it with you.  I was 16 years old and I started to run road races and there was this hill I just could not run up.  Everyday it would break me and I recall sitting at the kitchen table with my dad telling him about it.  He put his hand on my shoulder and told me "Nunie, you are bigger and stronger than that hill don't you forget that. (Nunie is what my dad called me)  About an hour later I went out for my run and 30 mins into the run I found myself at the bottom of that very hill.  My dads voice played in my head and I started to run.  From behind me I could hear a voice shouting "Nunie you are bigger and stronger that this hill, RUN NUNIE beat this hill!  It was not a voice in my head but my dad in his car behind me supporting me and driving me.  That very day I ran that hill and never did it beat me again.  Competing has been "that hill" for me and in one week, like with that hill, I hope to claim victory.

Much Love
Nuriye :)