Nuriye's Diary

Friday, December 15, 2006


Super Hottt updates are on the way. Just a few days to wait for XXX action!!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Back on Track

Well things will start to get back to normal with the updates! Between gettting very sick, trust me I was knocked on my butt for like ten days and sorting out things with my web master we should be in good shape now. I figured that you wouldn't want to see pics of me with a box of tissues and my pink robe on. Then again, once the camera roled I would've dug the NAUGHTY out of my sick body!! lol! So are we ready for Santa to come? I am not sure if he will come to my house since I KNOW I have been very naughty ALL year. I will have to convince him to get what I want.:) Well I have some cool things in store for you all this new year. See this site is still so new and just like my body I will make sure it gets better and better! I won't let you down!! One thing about me is once I get content I know I need to spice things up, me and content don't get along too well. Thank god the weekend is upon us. My assistant at work has been on vacation for 10 days and she will be back this weekend. Then maybe I can rest!!
Until Next Time.... STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME!!