Nuriye's Diary

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well as you can assume I am BUSY as HELL at the moment. My site has taken a back seat which is something that i really hate to admit but it is what it is. I am is full gear getting myself into shape for my shoot with Denise Masino in 8 weeks and between that and my clients I have had little time to be naughty! That will come to a halt this week when I entertain you with some hot video clips, I PROMISE! Please understand, to do this bodybuilding thing right you have to dedicate 110% to it. I am in the gym daily training myself for 3 hours at least between training and cardio. Think of it this way, the better I look the more you will enjoy watching me get naughty, RIGHT!! Also, look for me on cam this week, HERBICEPS, where you can see a tighter, leaner me on screen to tease you!

Until Next Time... Stay Naughty For ME!!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Missing in ACTION!!

I feel like I have been sooo out of touch over the past few weeks and I have good reason for it. Well first..... it is ON!!!! I just got confirmation that I will be tasting female muscle with the one and only denise masino this august so I am in HIGH GEAR with the gym. I am going to update this site with my progress, something I have never done with you before. It is going to be so fun and I just love being around the top women of female muscle, it is just such an honor to be included! I am totally going to be hard as hell at this shoot. For those of you who see me on cam know that I have stayed at a MUCH leaner state just for that reason. Now when I ask my body to respond it will look that much better! I have a special video update for a real sweet heart which came on cam and asked me for a clit play video. Well that is right up my alley and yours as well so look for that to hit very soon. Another reason for the lack of updates is family in town. Yes, I am blessed with family for the next several days and just love sharing my home with those I love. Trust me updates are on the way!!

Until Next Time.... STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME!!!!

Nuriye :)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Big Brown!!

For those who know me this is not a suprise but I am a HUGE horse lover and showed show jumpers for 14 years. I also really love horse racing and i am looking forward to see if big brown can bring home the triple crown tomorrow! The thing that i am really bummed about is the abuse that happens behind the scenes to the horses that don't quite cut it. I saw a documentary about it and it is really enough to make you SICK!! So I have made a promise to myself that after this race I will no longer watch racing due to all the abuse I saw. I just can't turn my attention from big brown and this stage in the game! :) On another note I am waiting to hear from my naughty friend Denise Masino in regards to up coming photo and video shoots. It will be great to heat up the screen with her again. Check out and Muscle to see the trailers of some of our new releases, they are SMOKIN!! Come and get your naughty fix tonight around 9:00 est. on HERBICEPS. I will be posing and teasing here tonight! Hope you all have a NAUGHTY weekend, I know I will!! Video clips are on the way!!

Until Next Time.... Stay Naughty for ME!!

Nuriye :)