Nuriye's Diary

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sexual Urges!!

Well my friends I am naughty and at times that can really pose a problem or in this case make a bad situation worse. Where am i going with this???? Well Thursday hit last week and I knew a cold was knocking at this naughty body of mine but NOOOOO could I take some time to relax, of course NOT. I made it thru Thursday and trained as usual. Friday came and there I was now sick at the gym training very intense and heavy legs. That is not the part that did me in!! After legs I was sooo tired but could not resist my loves meaty cock! So there I was on all fours enjoying a night of passion! THAT IS WHAT DID ME IN!! So although I was playing all Friday night I was paying all weekend with tissues and my favorite blanky. Would I do it again, HELL YEAH!! :) AHHHHH, the life of a naughty girl is never easy!! LOL

Until Next Time..... STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME!!

Nuriye :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well another year has passed and it is time for the 2008 Olympia. Again, my schedule will not let me get there but I will be glued to my computer to see what is happening in VEGAS!! I heard some news that really pissed me off and that was there will not be female bb'er competitors at the press conference this year. Can anyone tell me WHY!!! What the fuck, are they in or are they out???? I mean these stunning women are there to represent and now they are not going to be able to speak at the press conference. This is one of the reasons that I don't compete cause I would be the first one to tell the needle dick reps. to stick it up there ass!!

On other areas, I will be updating this site very soon. Guys my life has been pulled in alot of different directions over the past several months and this site has taken a hit from that. Things are starting to balance out and you really will start to see regular updates here soon. Thank you for all your love and support you guys are not only fans but my friends and I know that by chatting with alot of you on HERBICEPS!! Speaking of cam I will be on all weekend starting tomorrow so check me out there!

Until Next Time......Stay NAUGHTY for ME!!!

Nuriye :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Well I think I am back on track for getting you updates on a close to weekly basis. The only thing that will delay me is the tropical storms and me having no power. We delt with Fay and now we have 3 more storms heading towards the US so keep your fingers crossed.

Everything else is going well and I have taken it up a notch in the gym. Back to my "old" days by training super hard and heavy but keeping my diet really tight to stay nice and hard like we all like me. I must say with this new way of training I am getting a ton of people taking a seat next to where I am training and just WATCHING!!

Please as always come and see me on HERBICEPS this week. I will be on there tonight around 10 pm eastern. Look foward to seeing you there!

Nuriye :)