Saturday, June 02, 2018


Its with a heavy heart I have shut down my site.   A RELAUCH IS COMING PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @naughtynuriye.  I will announce date there.  Why did I shut down?  Theft plain and simple guys.  You must either get your money back via credit card company or from Diana The Valkyrie.  Diana The Valkyrie is a fraud and a thief and I will make sure they pay for what they have stolen from me.  It breaks my heart to have done this.  Email me with any concerns and make sure you get your money back please!  I have no control over billing.  Thank you for your support and again I am so sorry.  I could not continue on with what was being done to me.



Blogger rousta99 said...

I'm glad u have taken the first step to independence,no sense giving away your hard work,love to see u start a manyvids site,love to set up some custom videos with u,do u still have your content from the old site?i would love to buy your videos and pictures,take care and let me know about the new site,love to be one of the first to join,just about to join fitadultstars to watch u

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