Nuriye's Diary

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Celebration and Sadness

Well on my way to see family to celebrate my B-day for the weekend we got a very sad call to inform us that our dear friend of several years died suddenly. Life is so funny that way, how things can change at a drop of a hat. I tend to deal with death in a very quiet way, I say alot of prayer and get thru it one day at a time. The thing about me is I am not a cryer so I just keep to myself and deal with the pain in that way. So although I had a wonderful B-day it was hard not to think about my friend and how her life has changed with the death if her husband.

So now for some good news. I went on the HOTTEST photo shoot this past weekend. When I tell you these pics are something that you all have never seen on this site. See I told you the best was yet to come so sit back and enjoy these. As soon as Andy gets home this week we will post one gallery and video. All I can say is get the tissues out to clean up cause this is a HOTT one!!

Well I must run but I will catch up with you this week. I will be on webcam this week so I will also post those times.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Catch Up

Just a few things that I need to update you all on. First and the most important is updates. Here is what is going on... My webmaster is making a long move from Germany to the USA. This is why things have been a bit delayed. He is currently doing this and my next update will be around the 14th of March. I know this sucks BUT he really needs to make this happen in his life and I am happy he will be in the USA. So please know that I am not being lazy just patient while he makes this life change. I am asking you all do the same for just a bit longer. Cause you know I luv ya all!! :) Now onto the topic of the Arnold Classic. WOW, Heather P. really showed everybody what's up. She really kicked ass and although I never met her I am so proud and happy for her. If any of you know her please let her know. I am still not too sure about the one weight class for the women. IT really seemed the smaller girls didn't even have a chance against the big ones and I am sure they feel the pressure and although they may be just as good they get over looked. Well next weekend we have a really kick ass photo shoot to do on a awesome location so please stay tuned for that. Thank you for supporting me!!