Nuriye's Diary

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I tell ya if I see food I am gonna lose it!! I have done nothing but EAT these past two days and I am sooo sick of it. I love the holidays but I ready to get back to my life of hunger and work! LOL

I hope that you all had a wonderful hoilday and got to spend it with loved ones. I had my parents over which was great but went so fast. Tomorrow it is back to work and my naughty little life! :) I did get to the gym today since they were open so I got to burn off some of my hoilday treats.

I will catch you all in a couple days



Saturday, December 15, 2007

Foot rub PLEASE!!!!

WOW, my feet are killing me from my long Saturday. Let me get you filled in on what my day was like. I got up this morning and hit the gym for my early morning cardio followed by my famous ab workout. Then it was on to pick up my hubby for a nice relaxing breakfast. From there the day got hetic so a relaxing breakfast was much appreciated! :)

Our new home is still not what I want it to be so today we put a stop to that. When a Naughty girl wants something a Naughty girl MUST have it! :) So we spent about 9 hours shopping and getting the finishing touches to make my home a Naughty retreat! This home is filled with earth tones, a fountain and flowers which are just a few things that make me relax. I spend so much time working and training that I really wanted this home to be somewhere that I could feel an escape from my life outside these walls. I really think I achieved that and I am so excited with the way it came out. So here I sit fountain flowing and candles lit. Ahhhh, I really think being naughty pays off! (wink) :)

Until Next Time.... Stay Naughty for ME!!


Friday, December 14, 2007

Yippie, the weekend is here!

Happy Friday to all of you!! Hope you all have something naughty in store for your weekend. With any luck I will!! (wink) Well, who am I kidding being naughty seems like a daily routine for me. The good part is this weekend I will capture these naughty moments and share them with all of you!! Yes, you heard right an update is just days away so let the celebration begin! :) My computer is up and running so we are good to go.

I am sure I am not the only one that can't keep up with the days and weeks. It seems like I need to get the days longer so I can fit all that I need to do in them. Hmmmm, maybe I need to make a call to the guy upstairs to arrange that, he must like naughty girls right?? HEHEHE.

And then we have Christmas, wow already. I am happy to say my mom and dad will being coming to spend the holiday with me and my husband in the new home. This year I am trying to be more festive and set up a tree and all that stuff. I am really not a big holiday person so I kind of have to push myself to do it. Guess I like to treat everyday like a holiday maybe that is why I shop so much! :)

Until Next Time..... Stay Naughty for ME!!!

Nuriye :)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Yes, I am ALIVE!!

Hey everyone, you are probably like where did that bitch go. Well I am here and in full naughty swing!! Let me get you up to speed on where my life has been over the past weeks. All I can say is speed puts it lightly!! :) For the past 2 weeks I moved into our new home. Between upgrades, shopping and cleaning I am worn out. Not to mention my job which keeps me in turbo mode!! I am still waiting for a tech to come to my home to connect the high speed internet BUT that should get done sometime next week. So that is why I have been MIA the past several weeks. So here I am in my office at work touching base with all of you, who mean sooo much to ME.

Now for some good news.... Just because I moved and work is crazy does NOT mean I put my body on hold. In fact just the opposite. I am getting leaner each day and I am so tight right now. See I won't let you all down!! :) You will get to see with the next set of updates I do. Also, my new place brings new settings for some HOTT updates which I am planning as we speak. Aren't you glad I really know how to multi task! So stay tuned to my naughty life cause now that this transition in my life has passed I am bringing a harder, even more NAUGHTY nuriye to the scene in 2008, think you can handle it?? :) Also, I will be back and better than ever on herbiceps sometime next week so come and check me out!

Until next time.... STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME