Saturday, January 14, 2012

Close call

Went to the gym to train legs and actually went to a new gym that opened for a different vibe. Had a great leg workout BUT had a close call on the squat rack! Was doing my 4th set at 315 and came up from my 15th rep and went to rack the weight and it SLIPPED off behind me and took me with it!! I was in like a full back bend ! LOL Really not funny but I recovered the weight thank god with the help of my training partner but I did pull my bicep and pec doing so. I am hoping it will not get worse over night but I think I will be ok. Man, I forget how silly errors can happen even for someone like me with all my experience in the gym and with heavy weights. The great news is this gym will let me shoot video in it so I will be able to get you some training videos. My gym does not allow it and it is hard for me to sneak it since I am pretty hard to miss! :) Will be on HERBICEPSCAM tomorrow in the afternoon, like 1pm eastern time if you want to play with me there. Happy Saturday, I am gonna kick my feet up and rest and put some ice on my tits! lol..



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