Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Ok it is just freezing here in south Fl and I dont do well with this cold!!! LOL, bundled up to go to the nail salon and now I am home in my warm home getting ready to get on HERBICEPSCAM! If you are around stop in and play with me!! :) All is well training going great, feeling good just fighting a damn cold for the past 2 weeks. Not enough to get me down but just enough to bother me.. HAPPY HUMP DAY!



Blogger Darling Bonnie said...

Take plenty of vitamin c & get some thera flu!
I've been recommending it to everyone this cold and flu season... Idk if they changed what it is they put in it but it has definitely been the leading cure for all flu & cold fighters that I'm connected with.. Including myself!
Get well soon!
Darling Bonnie

7:55 PM  
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