Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Beautiful day in SFLO today. We have had nothing but super hot weather for winter and to my suprise today is cool and crisp!! :) Windows open with just a tank on and my slippers. Getting some work done so I can hit cam later to show off my frisky mood from this cool air!! :) New year is around the corner and that means new goals and getting my new project up and running. Will keep you posted on some of the things to come. Also, I have one naughty friend who really loves ass clips and I did promise him (he knows who he is) but I need my cam man here for that so in time my friend I will get that clip up. What is a hot ass clip without zoom right!!??? :P I am gonna make sure my cam man is here 24/7 in 2o12 as I said major shit will happen in a really good way next year. Time to step in up a knotch in more ways than one :) Happy HUMP day friends!



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