Thursday, August 05, 2010


Hi everyone!! :) Well I researched the video prob a few of you are having and found it was isolated to a few people which is great news! Update is coming and should be up, I want to say tomorrow. Training is great and the weekend is almost here. This weekend I am going to hit the pool and soak up some sun. I usually work ALL THE TIME, weekends included but I am going to take a break Saturday and relax a bit. I will be on HERBICEPSCAM tomorrow afternoon eastern and will be back there on Sunday as well. Tonight I will hit the gym and train chest and biceps. My training has been SUPER strong and I am so happy about that. My pumps have been out of this world and I leave the gym feeling like the muscles I trained are about to split open! :) I went to get my toes and nails done this afternoon and had an interesting talk with a women about female bodybuilding. I love it when I meet someone who loves the look of a women with muscle! Makes me love what I do even more and of course there is all of you who inspire me everyday so.... THANK YOU!



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Blogger fitnflorida said...

I think you have it backwards...You are MY inspiration ;)

You have rare and perfect genetics, an incredibly beautiful look about you, and can achieve strength levels than most people can only dream about...yes, its you who inspire so many...and you look so damn good doing it, grrr, lol.

Thank you for being my inspiration =))

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