Monday, July 12, 2010


Ok so here it goes........ I placed 4th out of 5!! :P Shit what can I say, alot of people say I got robbed but I will let you be the judge when you look at the pics. I knew going in that no one knew who I was on the stage since it was my first time. Politics may have been involved but either way I had a blast and my posing routine made the crowd ROAR!! Will I compete again? I am not sure at the moment kind of have a bad taste in my mouth but that may stop after a few days. All the girls looked great so I cant say, I will let you determine who should have won. I am the one on the end of course just look for the hair color! lol


Blogger fitnflorida said...

I don't want to take anything away from the other competitors, because I know you "all" worked very hard to be there on stage.
However, I have no problem criticizing those idiot judges. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it's all about politics, because no judge in their right mind would have picked the winning lineup in that order. Bodybuilding is supposed to be all about balance and symmetry, the only girl close to you in overall balance was the girl next to you in both pictures. The decisions those judges made are beyond ridiculous. Its not possible to make the choices they made and still consider themselves qualified to judge any professional level contest.

I looked at your pictures as well as reviewed the videos on youtube. If we start at the bottom and work up, you easily had the best legs on stage, the girl next to you is the only one that came close in the legs dept. The winner's leg development was sub par for this level of competition and honestly a good judge would have eliminated her on that deficit alone. Like I said, it's "supposed" to be all about the ultimate balance and symmetry not just muscle development. If you lowered the curtains so only legs were still visible, there are only 3 girls in that line-up that are "qualified" in a professional regard. Of the 3 girls left, the girl next to you was your closest competitor, and both of you had better overall development than the 3rd girl. The girl next to you edged you out on abs and shoulders, but you had her beat on pecs and biceps...either way, the winner should have been chosen between the two of you. At that point it becomes more of a judges speculation, but to get to that point decisions should have been made on pure logic, not pure nonsense.

If they would have let a tape measure tell the story, even a blind judge would have never picked those results.

Long story short, those judges sucked ass bigtime!!!

...and I'm very sorry you had to be stuck with their, most likely, political agenda for your 1st time out in competition.

It's too bad beauty doesn't get tabulated in the scoring, then it would have been an EASY win for you =))

Take care, and walk away strong,

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