Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Tube lol

Well here we go lol you tube fools in full force! :) My MD training video is on you tube and has almost 50,000 views which is great. I love all the comments good and bad both really make me smile. I am noticing a trend with these latest comments, STERIODS!! LOL Wow, these needle dick boys are like obsessing on steriod use! Lets see if it was all about steriod use why do I sacrafice dinners with friends, eat 6 meals a day, do cardio everyday even in off season?? Man, I WISH there was something I could take to make this easy. These poor fools really need education on what it takes to BB. You guys know the endless hours we put in the gym and the torture we go thru precontest time but they just want to insist it is all about the drug use. LOL. I know it makes them feel better to sit their asses behind a computer and talk shit what they need to do is spend a week with me to get the real deal on what it takes to have my muscle etc. I feel bad for them as I said before the joke is really on them but I do hope someday when they take a break from between their mother's legs that they will see what it takes to BB!! LOL Otherwise keep the views coming, good or bad comments dont matter at the end of the day, they are watching me!! :)


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