Monday, January 16, 2012


Started my day my usual way, up early with coffee and then out for my pre breakfast cardio. Big sweat shirt was needed today, there is quite a chill in the air in the morning but all good, keeps me movin out there. :) I love doing my cardio first thing in the morning, it gives me time to think about life, what I want to get done for the day and future goals. Cardio for me is my way to relax and wrap my head around where I want to go. :) I suggest you all start your day with a form of exercise, I swear it will set you in a positive and motivated direction for your day and I will also say form experience I get more done in a day when I start with my cardio workout! Not only that it is the best way to burn fat, cardio before your first meal! Update will post mid week and it consists of me, my muscle and a tight black dress. :) Hitting the gym later for shoulders and triceps and I am sure it will be packed since it is Monday. Have a great week and start your day tomorrow with a workout you will thank me for it!! :)



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