Friday, April 10, 2015


BELIEVE IN YOUSELF you hear it all the time right??  But what do you do if you just dont!!??  Well, I will tell you exactly what will happen because I have spent many years NOT believing..  You will find yourself just going through the motions no heart at all because the little evil voice in your head is telling you "why do the extra steps you have to do, you are not good enough anyway." The outcome will have you not succeeding and then you feel even more shitty about yourself.  Its a horrible snowball and do I have some "secret" to breaking that horrible pattern, NO.  I do however know what it took for me to cut that shit out.  It took me getting pissed off enough to feel the fear BUT DO IT ANYWAY.  Not believing in me got me NO WHERE so why not just start to believe and see where it gets me??!!  It will be weird to finally say "hey, I am worth it and I can do it" but I must JUST DO IT!  This is the mindset I will have to my next show and it will be different and hard for me at times to be totally honest.  But I am taking my PAMPERS off lol and putting on my big girl thong :) and we are taking to another level people.  So if you have self doubt of any kind you must STOP if I can do it so can you!! :)

Nuriye :)


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