Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Great workout today, back is feeling it! :)  My back is an area that I do need to bring up and I have been hammering it over the past several months.  It amazes me how much people dont know about bodybuilding.  When someone preps for a show I think people think we do like a weight watchers diet cause the first thing out of their mouth is "how much you weigh now".  I must say it makes my skin crawl!!  Bodybuilding is NOT about the scale it is about LEAN MUSCLE VS BODYFAT!!  Ugghhh, drives me crazy!  Then there are the people who say "dont get small"  and those are the people I would love to drop kick! lol..  When have I ever been small??  Do you feel my pain! :) 

I am up again very late, it is 12:15am here but I do run an internet co.  and we all know the internet never sleeps so having said that.... the coffee is brewing! :)  I will be up at 6am for cardio cause I have always said... "Sleep is for SUCKERS". :)  Have a great rest of your week my naughty lovers!!



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