Sunday, May 27, 2012


Had such a wonderful time this weekend on cam!  Saw alot of my cam friends and it is really like chatting with family, I am blessed.  Was looking at some of the girls on cam and found something interesting...  one stated she was an "athletic bodybuilder" now can anyone tell me what the fuck that means?? LOL..  From looking at her I think it must mean in her world 12 inch soft arms equal an "athletic bodybuilder"!! :)  So, I am a very proud "unathletic bodybuilder"!!  New week ahead lets ROCK IT!! :)



Blogger mats husaar said...

Dear Lady Nuriye, You are a great athlete with the powerful beauty a muscular Woman. So i wish, Your new week will serve You right. Don't forget: You rule Your planet, who moves under Your feet.
stay strong and tuned, mats

12:02 AM  

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