Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Got a brazilian hair treatment done to my hair tonight and its great!  Went to a very "snobby" salon and wanted to shoot myself.  OMG people, what are people doing!!??  Am I the only type A personality that does not mind spending money but I want my shit done fast!  I have things to do and all they wanted to do was massage my head, hands and feet! LOL..  Listen all the shit is great but I was not in the mood.  Then the girl put a towel over my face LOL, I was like "WHAT" I told her listen, I am Type A control freak you dont want to put a towel over my face! LMAO!!  In the area where they wash your hair you could not speak, it was for "meditation" really.... come on man just wash my hair! :)  Anyway, my hair looks great so I am happy they just need to keep all the "rich" bullshit out of it.  I dont need the bells and whistles to spend that kind of money just give me the hair I want.



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