Sunday, May 13, 2012


It is 10:30 and I am brewing a fresh pot of coffee!  Now why the hell am I shocked when I cant sleep at night! LOL.  I love the way starbucks smells it makes my whole house smell so yummy. :)  I really need to think about replacing my coffee with something less powerful but I only know power. lol.  Hmmmm, I am thinking about getting a water feature in my home maybe that will slow my ass down or will it just make me pee more?? :)  If you havent "tweeted" me yet YOU BETTER!!  I wont feel cool if I only have 18 followers and that is all I have at the moment. :)

nuriye :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful Lady Nuriye, i guess You have millions of followers in their hearts. Because Your muscular beauty and Your breath-taking magic make You an adorable Lady of power.
And i read, You only know power. This is indeed the only thought, that comes to my head related to You: Stunning muscles and powerful personality.
Have a great week, stay strong and tuned, mats

6:40 AM  

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