Sunday, May 06, 2012


Was so great to see all my cam friends on Herbicepscam this weekend!! :)  My weekend was busy but good.  Although I have been in crazy pain the whole weekend!  Friday leg training kicked my ass, I really feel like someone beat my ass and hams with a bat I am so sore!!  I know this is a very good thing but damn cant a girl sit on the toilet without pain! LOL.. 

I am so addicted to cod it tastes great and a good switch from chicken.  The only thing that sucks is it is like $15.00 a lb where I am but it is so worth it! :)  Tomorrow I am up for cardio early and I have my check list ready cause I have so much to do.  I hope you all have an awesome Monday and try to start your day with a workout if you dont already.  Get that blood flowing it will keep you pumped the rest of the day! :)



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