Monday, May 07, 2012


My site is dedicated to big muscle, hard work and fantasy!  I love to explore your fantasies with you and today I made a purchase that will take the "fantasy" level up a knotch!  I dont do sessions or guy/ girl stuff but that does not mean my wheels arent turning to devise a plan to make things a bit more interesting. :)  So in the next couple weeks I will have my "slave" and from there the sky is the limit! :)  I know my naughty members are just like me, you crave more so I think this will do the trick. 

Happy Monday!



Blogger mats husaar said...

Adorable Lady Nuriye, even if You don't do sessions, i can feel Your superiority of body, mind and willpower. The hard curves of Your mighty muscles are daunting and attractive at the same time.
You dominate Your slave with Your overwhelming strength, Your powerful will and Your charismatic beauty.
stay strong and tuned, mats

8:38 AM  

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