Sunday, May 20, 2012

Joy of Sex

South Beach was full of adult entertainers this weekend and I loved it!!  I often wonder why an industry that makes BILLIONS of dollars is so taboo??....  Sex is one of our primal instincts yet everyone acts like they dont like or need it.  I find this to be true mostly for woman and I think to myself WHY!!!  Why do women act like they dont need or desire sex?  How many times have you heard a woman say "I have a headache or I am not in the mood"..  Shit, those words have never come from my mouth! LOL.  I hope a day comes where every woman owns her sexuality and takes pride in her need for sexual activity.  Why does a woman feel if she acts like she needs sex she will be less of a woman.  That is where I am different, my drive for sex and to be sexual is what makes me a woman and a strong one at that!!  LETS SAY "YES" to SEX!!! :P



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