Monday, June 04, 2012

Monday Plan

Ok so here is my Monday plan of attack....  Cardio, NOW then to lay out by my pool which I dont remember the last time I did then HERBICEPCAM to tease all of you.  I will end my day with shoulders and arms which I plan to hit hard.  Alot of people ask me if I want to get bigger and my answer is always "BETTER".  My goal is to always improve and I do have parts that I want to bring "up".  To be bigger overall would just be insane! LOL...  My theary is I need to let alot of the girls in the sport try to catch up with my size before I grow again, give them a fair chance! :)  I have worked on size for years and have done one hell of a job.  Now it is about getting all my meat conditioned to really get my freak on. :)  I am always hungry for better and more so if more size comes with that so be it.  Happy Monday!! :)



Blogger mats husaar said...

Lady Nuriye, it's a great plan to start Your week, it shows: You're not weak. By myself i love Your muscular arms, Your powerful legs and Your charismatic beauty. You don't have to work on the last point, because You're an overwhelming Woman.
Enjoy Your week,
stay strong and tuned, mats

3:48 AM  
Blogger glenstar63 said...

Your leader of the pack... and an impressive one at that!!

4:10 AM  

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