Sunday, October 06, 2013

So Sweet

So I was training the other day and just finished a set and stepped aside to rest for a min.  There is this tiny girl looking up at me kind of like jumping up and down and smiling at me saying "hi".  She was so excited I was looking around for like Justin Beiber lol because I really didnt know what the hell she was doing.  So she keeps looking at me and I take my earphone out and she keeps on saying "hi" to me LOL.. Ok, I was getting a little freaked out lol so I asked her "do I know you"?  She said "NO but you look so good and your muscle is just amazing".  What a sweet girl, of course I thanked her and really could not believe my muscle made her react like she did.  Totally awesome to hear she liked what she saw I really love it when women embrace the look of hard muscle!  Another week is getting ready to start and I am READY!  7 weeks out!!  Oh one more thing...  You know that tape athletes wear, you see it on shoulders alot and crossfit people wear it alot.  IT WORKS!!  I used it and totally helped some of my injuries that are trying to rear their little heads as I get closer!  So totally worth trying if you have injuries it greatly helped me.



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