Monday, January 23, 2012


My favorite day of the week is Monday!! I love the feeling of a great week ahead and do my best to make shit happen. I am off to hit the stair mill to work up morning sweat and I will continue to sweat for you on HERBICEPSCAM later this afternoon! :) Excited to start my 2 updates a week this week to give you something more to sink you teeth into!!! I am so inspired by Zoa Linsey she is back this year and I am looking forward to seeing her at the Armolds this year. She had surgery on her neck and through the power of belief and sheer determination she has made her way back and will be ready to compete with the best in the world. I have never met her but she is a big girl like me and her story is that of a champion, LOVE IT! :) Also, I came across this girl named Anne Freitas from Brazil. Maybe you guys know of her I just saw her this weekend she is HOT lol but is she still around? Latest info on her is from 2009 but I thought she looked great. I am such a fan of FBB!! :)



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