Friday, June 17, 2016


Todays update was me a couple months ago a bit "fuller" and I hope you enjoy it.  Closer we get to my show and many ask me how I feel and here is the truth... I FEEL LIKE SHIT!  This is not for the faint hearted you must love the hunger and you must love the pain and I do!  Today was leg day, day 4 of zero carbs and I still pushed that shit!  Leg press 1500 for 21 reps, squat 315 for 12 and lunges 100 on my back 100 lunges (50 one way) but that is just a few sets total of 8 exercises 5 sets each.  Your heart must be bigger than your muscle at this stage and you have to be a bit crazy and that is why I love this so much!  Each and every of the HARDCORE FEMALE BODYBUILDERS are warriors my friends and no I am not talking about the little physique girls who average 120 on stage and pose with their hands open no disrespect to them but there is a big fucking difference!  I cant tell you how much I love the hardcore female they inspire me to do this everyday!  I need you guys by my side and lets get this done IFBB PRO will be in front of my name by fall and I am going to share it with all of you.  Some of you have been with me for almost 2 decades and when I get that pro card I will dedicate it to all of you who have stood by me!  You are not just fans you are friends and most of all just good people. :)  Oh and I do get asked what I listen to when I train.  Like any hardcore bitch, I listen to hardcore music.  Couple tracks tonight, MASTER P, Middle Finga and BIGGIE, Victory!! 



Blogger What you deserve to hear said...

We believe in you the same way we believe in what you stand for. It's impossible for me to describe why I support you, but to me it simply feels right. It goes way beyond the adult entertainment and muscles. Glad to see someone still like old school rap.

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