Saturday, May 09, 2015

Last week

Oh boy when I tell you last week was one of the worst ever, it was!  First I was so sick I mean beyond sick see what happened was I had a chipped tooth way in the back which developed an infection that spread through out my body.  I had 105 fever and really felt like death.  I would take still being sick if I could bring my baby back.  See last week as well as being so sick I had to put my cat down after 15 years of her being by my side due to kidney disease.  I have felt empty, sad and like a zombie for days.  My cat was like my child a real part of my family so last week was bad to say the least.  Of course with anything time is helping me heal and I am coming around but it really swept the rug from under me.  Made me realize AGAIN how important health and love is without them we are really nothing.  Please have a wonderful weekend and if you have a beloved pet hug and kiss them for me!



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