Monday, November 25, 2013


I am ready to get back in the gym and on cam, I MISS YOU GUYS!  Took today off a well needed rest day.  My body looks super awesome, sure it peaked a few days after the show lol but who the fuck cares LOL...  Man I tell ya its hard to swallow working so hard for so long, getting that weight you needed to be and then have it all turn to shit when it matters the most.  I shook it off and feel my happy self again!  This is proof weight is just a number because at N Americans I was 173 last year and 167 at Nationals this year and looked way way better at 173.  I am 5'9'' so 167 that holds water makes me VERY beatable BUT you better believe I am making the changes I need so this does NOT happen again.  With every "failure" you must learn, change and grow at least that is how I see it then its really not a "failure" but a growth process.  While we are on the topic of growth, you all better get ready!!! :)

Nuriye :)


Blogger ybear1962 said...

OMG, Soooooo HARD, Sooooo HUGE & Soooooooo SEXY NN!!! Thanx for building THAT body:) x0x0

12:14 AM  

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