Sunday, November 24, 2013


Ok, so I dieted my ass off to hit 167 on stage only to have my body say "fuck you", hold water and get last call out lol...  Today I am hard as a fucking rock and when I tell you I had the best day of shooting EVER I sure did!  Shot with my girl Annie, Tom Nine, Awefilms and Brian Moss!  The best shooting experience EVER and its an honor to shoot with each and every one of the above mentioned!  VERY BLESSED!  So I look fucking awesome today, had a great day of shooting and received some of the sweetest emails from so many of you which I will reply to just as soon as I get some rest!  I came into this industry as a performer and that is what I will always be, in front of the camera is really where I love to be!


HOTTT content is coming!!! :)


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