Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Contest Prep

To prep for a show is really back breaking work but its one of the most beautiful experiences I have had.  Each show prep is different and with each I not only learn something new about my body but also something new about my soul.  Each prep I am digging deeper, less "talk" more work and its really special to see myself grow as an athlete.  Show prep is so much more than just winning the show and I can tell you if it wasent I would not do it.  Its such a cool experience and the rewards you get for your own self is so much greater than any placing.  Female bodybuilders are such special people and I am not saying that because I am one lol..  I just wanted to express that the strength you see on the outside is just a fraction of the strength a FBB has on the inside.  This prep is one of the most intense for me as far as intensity of diet and training.  PUSHING myself to every limit and in the past I would be very grumpy at this point but to be honest I have a place of peace and motivation.  Very cool stuff that I just wanted to share with all of you.  Female bodybuilders are not "mainstream" but I would not trade any of this to be mainstream.   I love living extreme and looking extreme and thats what makes it so special to me. :)



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