Saturday, April 29, 2017


So I put a scale pic up the other day showing my weight but it was followed by a rant of how so many morph and photo shop their pics.  I was thinking about that post and thought why do you care? You cant control what others do so fuck it!  So let me try this post again lol...  Here I am at 231 the biggest and best condition I have been in my career.  231 is not an easy number to hold while maintaining hardness especially being a female but I have done it and yes I am proud. :)  I do what I love and I love to share what I love to do with all of you.  Happy weekend!


Blogger bbuildingfan01 said...

231!!!! Oh my goodness! That's incredible nuriye and you are one of the best female bodybuilders today much respect and keep doing the Damn thing!!!😚💪

4:46 AM  
Blogger Brian Graham said...

Very very sexy feet!!!!

8:01 AM  

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