Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hump DAY!!

Well here we are almost to Friday and what a busy week so far!  I hope all of you are doing great!  Was on cam a bit later than usual and got to see so many I dont see too often.  One special cam friend told me how much he liked my blog and that it goes deeper than just bodybuilding and that was touching to hear.  See here is the thing, I have my site to tease and entertain so many fantasies which you all know I LOVE TO DO.  But there is another side to me a humble side, a real side that deals with the same shit in life that everyone does.  So I use my blog to show that side which is just as important to me.  Something that is very dear to my heart is letting people know it is OK to be different as long as you are being YOU know one can ever take that away from you.  The muscle I wear is just a shell and I dont take it too serious but the one thing I can say is building this muscle has given me strength, courage and the confidence to just be ME!  I am so blessed to share my journey with so many of you that have been there for years so thank you!

Nuriye :)


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