Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Anyone else amazed about what they see on twitter??  I love all the little men flexing their tiny muscle asking "what do you think"??  If I was on twitter I would respond.. "about what"???  Then I came across some guy bragging about his 21 inch arms.  See people need to be careful about just blabbing out a measurement.  His skin was a thick as a whale and not one ounce development fat, fat and did I say fat?.  You have to EARN bragging rights and your measurements!  You cant just eat your ass off get a huge fat arm and then talk about how big you are lol DUMB SHIT!  Twitter, the land of the tiny and the fat flexing their way to stardom.... NOT!  I say drop the camera for about 6 months get your ass in the gym and train, push, diet and WORK.  Then maybe pick up the camera to share.  Although the dude with the pile of fat 21 inch arms would be down to 15 inch arm :P.  People need MAJOR reality checks it"s too damn funny!



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