Thursday, September 18, 2014


7 Meals a day this is meal 4 with 8oz boiled chicken and 5 oz rice with a dash of that fake butter spray lol..  Let me tell you about my off season.... THERE IS NO OFF SEASON!!!!!!!!!!  In order to build big, hard fucking muscle you can NOT drop the ball even if you are not getting ready to get on a stage.  You must be dedicated to your kraft 24/7, 365.  Heavy, hard training and a diet the feeds the muscle.  No bullshit eating, if you eat like bullshit  you will look like bullshit its that simple.  I am not sure what others do but I dont do what others do so I really dont give a fuck what others do.  I am working my way to be in a league of my own biggest, hardest and sexiest FBB EVER!  My mission is very direct and my eating and training are very direct to get there.  Downsizing is NOT AN OPTION, bodybuilding is what I love and I love loving it!!
Nuriye :)


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