Saturday, May 10, 2014


As much as I love to think I am super human (wink) I also want to share with you the days that I am not so much.  Today I woke to be nothing short of a lazy ass all day long. WOW, totally unexpected to feel like this and it was just as much emotional as physical.  I do know this does happens but to be honest it is never welcomed.  This bodybuilding stuff :) can be very taxing physically and emotionally.  Not only do we have to kill it each workout but the diet and constant critique of the body can really drain my big ass lol..  I tell ya a pizza and a good movie would have really helped me out today! :)  I managed to crawl through the day but was in no way myself infact I didnt even cam which I was really looking forward to doing.  Having said that, I have no doubt tomorrow will be a much better day.  As a bodybuilder and having to pay attention to every detail of every hour it is hard to not feel set back from a day like today.  I must always remind myself this body was not built in a day nor will it be ruined in a day its the long haul that really matters.

Cheers to a better tomorrow!

Nuriye :)


Blogger homatic h said...

No one, even the greatests can be strong everyday, that's impossible. The important thing is to recover as quickly as possible

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