Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Had repair men out to today to fix my dryer only to find out they could not which did not make me happy at all!  They parked around the back of my home and my backyard has a canal running thru it.  They decided they would try to drive over this huge hill and make a U turn but silly men that they are they got stuck.  I watched with humor for about 30 min as they stood there with hands on hips while ripping up my lawn trying to escape.  I finally had enough and went out and told them both to get in the van.  NEVER have I gotten beat by a weight I get under and this van was no exception to that rule.  I pushed that mother fucker over the hill and both stuck their heads out of the window in SHOCK. LOL, I just waived and said BYE and thanks for nothing will be sending you a bill for my lawn.  Sometimes you just need a muscle goddess to get you over that hill! :)



Blogger Dan Suber said...

18" Arms is a dream for me Nuriye, but I bet you knew that? LOL Only in my dreams. the thought of what it must feel like to walk around with engorged 18" arms. I'd be satisfied with 16 but EIGHTEEN? What does it feel like, please tell me.

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