Sunday, April 13, 2014


Rarely do I look at forums or youtube and its due to all the idiots that post there. BUT I happen to see some video and I wanted to comment on what I see.  After seeing many FBB videos with over 100,000 views each I looked at the comments and they there were lol... these are men comments all over the place.  I would like to put my 2 cents in on this matter although it will not make a difference.  Let me break this down...

1.  ITS OLD- do people really think we give a SHIT what their "average" asses think of us.  We build our bodies like this, we train hours to get like this.  Do these people think we will read this comment and like cry LOL..  FYI WE DO THIS ON PURPOSE!!  We dont like wake up like this one morning.  On top of that if you want to use FBB and MEN in the same sentence you better be saying we look better then them. HELLOOOO I have not seen a man on the streets look as good as me in YEARS! :)

2.  Its 2014 people. NO ONE will tell me I cant make as much money as a man. NO ONE will tell me I cant have the same opportunities as a man.  NO ONE will tell me I cant build my own body the way I want it.  I dont live my life below the glass ceiling I bust the fuck thru it!  That includes how I choose to have my body.  These little people like to say "its all drugs" blah fucking blah but let these needle dicks come stay with me for 1 month, eat the food I eat (every morsel measured), train the way I train and then see what they have to say.  IGNORANCE runs rapid in this industry and 99.9 have no fucking clue what goes on to do what we do becasue THEY CANT DO IT so they try to make themselves feel better by saying we look like men or its drugs.  Bottom line these people could not do what FBBS do even if the pumped their ass full of drugs!!

Now having said that everyone can have their opinion( LMAO) BUT something tells me if they were standing infront of me they would not have the air to breath. Also, this was not a personal attack on me at all, the videos I watched did not include me, although I have had my share. :)  Just wanted to express my as always..... HUMBLE OPINION. : )



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you. No one can tell me what type of woman should I like. Nowhere was it said that muscles are a male only thing. Never has it crossed my mind that I was looking at a guy when I looked at a FBB. Most guys I know or see aren't muscular like a FBB, so how is being muscular a norm for guys?

I'm a guy and I'm not interested in looking like you. I don't want to have super big muscles, because it's not for me. Only an idiot will say that it makes me a girl.

Like you I don't care what other people think. People are stuck to what's old, most of them are a bunch of sheep that can't think for themselves anyways.

I like strong and powerful women, not strong and powerful men and anyone who thinks the opposite of that is a waste of time.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Naughty Nuriye said...

I have one word to say AMEN! Well said homatic!!


5:11 PM  

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