Thursday, March 13, 2014


The industry of female bodybuilding is really under attack.  We are seeing females downsize for the sake of what the organizations are saying they want.  These my friends are the girls who bodybuild for the stage.  There is a handful of us that bodybuild for life, to walk the streets as super human women.  I have always said I will not work my ass off to look "average" aka physique, figure, bikini and do any of you find humor in the women who have crossed over to physique and still market themselves as bodybuilders...???  I happen to fall on a video of Aleesha Young today doing some REAL leg training and I was super impressed!  I have never met Aleesha but I do know she is a real fan favorite and I know why!  Aleesha is a real bodybuilder and should be very proud of all the "meat" she has worked so hard to get!  Nothing but respect for this girl and I wish her all the success as she continues to bodybuild.  I will always support a woman who stays true to the definition of female bodybuilding and I know all of you will do the same.  For the rest of the women who downsize because of society, the stage, or because they just cant hang, they can kiss my 18 inch hard, veiny arms oh and my 27 inch quads and my 18 inch calves!! LOL...

Nuriye ;)


Blogger Ernest Phillips said...

Brava! You sound like a good friend of mine.

6:49 PM  
Blogger Antoine Soto said...

Great Nuriye!....that´s how must be said about Fbb´s !!!! It´s really wrong don´t grow muscles because of society ...continue ... you are every day more beautiful....

2:58 PM  
Blogger Japie Jay said...

I have nothing but respect for all women who transcend what is expected of them and follow their dream to build the physique to which they aspire. Male or female, a bodybuilder is a bodybuilder. The men aren't under pressure to downsize, why should the women be?

12:26 PM  

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