Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So I am in the middle of a heavy back night when one of the gyms staff comes to me asking me to watch "dropping weights".  Of course this kid weighed 150 at the most and looked like he should be working at the GAP and not a gym.  So this is how that  conversation went.

GAP boy- Please watch how you put weights down I want the gym to not be so loud

ME-  when you get as big as me, train as hard as me you can tell me what to do with my weights

GAP boy- walks away

LOL, funny shit but really I am in a gym not the library!  I am here to train and train hard.  Whoever heard of quietly placing down 100lb DBs???!!  WHAT is happening to the gyms today?  People so hung up on mainstream that they are making the place that bodybuilders created something it was not meant to be.  Anyway, I will keep training my way!! :)



Blogger Ernest Phillips said...

They are being "PF'd". Planet Fitness syndrome. I miss my Gold's in Atlanta. i have to say I am rather disappointed with California gyms. I was mislead.

9:19 AM  
Blogger awr4377 said...

You should have asked him to a private location, grabbed him by his balls, squeezed with all your might, lifted him off the floor then told him you were gonna make him your gym slave if he didn't leave you alone. Then grabbed him in a headlock, punched his gut about 10 times and sent him on his way with a very strict warning that much more would ensue if he fucked with you again.

12:07 PM  

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